True Life Law Enforcement Stories Wanted

LAW ENFORCEMENT STORIES WANTED!!!  The popular book of police war…


The popular book of police war stories, True Blue by Ed Nowicki, published St. Martin’s Press, is now out of print after two printings.  Ed is now working on a second book of police war stories from across the entire nation, which is tentatively titled, American Blue. Be a part of this honorable project.  All royalties from American Blue will be donated to the National Law Enforcement Museum, which will commence construction in the fall of 2010.

Do you have some great police war stories to share?  They can be funny, sad, terrifying, strange, whatever!  Send your stories, via email as an attached MS Word (.doc) document, to Ed Nowicki, at or call Ed at 262-279-7879 for additional information.

We will acknowledge you and your story in American Blue, if your story is included, and you will receive a complimentary copy of American Blue upon publication.  Please do your best to see that the National Law Enforcement Museum becomes a reality.  The museum will serve the public and the entire law enforcement community. Please help in spreading the word to any and all law enforcement officers. Any help is Greatly Appreciated!!!

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  • I was one of the first officers from the suburbs to be sent to phila police academy for training in 1966,I will never forget the instructor asking the class if you enter a bar,at closing time and a patron breaks a beer bottle,and comes charging toward you,would you shoot him,or club him with your black jack,or what??.I stated that I would shoot him.The instructor then informed the class that you never shoot anyone,YOU KILL HIM.Your gun is not to scare or warn people,We all know how times have changed from 1966, Thank You Joe Joyce