TSA arrests two in 20 minutes for having guns at Atlanta airport.

TSA officers said they caught one person trying to get…

TSA officers said they caught one person trying to get a gun through Hartsfield-Jackson airport security and then, 20 minutes, later caught another.

Atlanta police arrested Kimberly Farmer and Rolando Buigas on charges of carrying a weapon in an unauthorized place on Tuesday.

Farmer’s husband told Channel 2’s Tom Jones he received a phone call from his frantic wife from the Clayton County Jail.

“Said that ‘I’m in trouble. I’m in bad trouble,'” Stacy Farmer said.

Police said Farmer tried to take a .22 caliber Beretta that was in her luggage through the security checkpoint.

An X-ray machine discovered the weapon. Stacy Farmer said his wife, who has a concealed carry permit, didn’t know it was there.

“She had no idea this gun was in her bag. She had totally forgot about it,” he said.

Source: WSBTV

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  • Drex J

    Everyone who attempts to bring a gun on a plane isn’t a terrorist. But anyone caught with a 40-caliber Glock in a major airport is just plane stupid! There is a high level of responsibility that needs to be exercised by any person granted the right to carry a handgun. This was a clear display of incompetence and what I’d consider unacceptable behavior. Tighten up Rolando.

  • Christopher

    There is NO EXCUSE not knowing you have a weapon stowed in your luggage or anywhere else for that matter. I guarantee that CCW license will be revoked! Again – how stupid can you be? In an airport no less!This type of action and the news it has generated is what gives responsible CCW holders a sour stomach!!

  • General Jim M

    A 22 beretta? I wouldn’t even call that a gun.She probably really did just forget it.Look it up online,read how small it is,it’s a short range self defense pistol.A terrorist would sneak in a combat pistol like a CZ75,Glock,Beretta M9 or a SIG 200 series,not a pipsqueak gun.I’d like to scratch my last comment that she was stupid.She probably really did forget it.

  • General Jim M

    Intent is important,not everyone who sneaks weapons onto planes are terrorists,some are just stupid. They have no criminal intent,they mean no harm to anyone,they are just morons.When they are charged,the authorities should keep this in mind.

  • jsa

    Right on Patch. If you don’t know where it is, how can you use it? I’ve forgotten a pocket knive before, but I hope I don’t become this complacent.

  • Patch Delta

    Forgetting where you put a gun is not an excuse. You either have with you or it is secured. Didn’t know it was there is no excuse. Stupid and dangerous.