TSA finds average of 4 guns each day at airports, with number continuing to rise since 2007.

A body-scan image of a gun tucked into someone's pants,…

A body-scan image of a gun tucked into someone’s pants, similar to the image a TSA officer would see in an airport scanner. (The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Despite enhanced security at the nation’s airports, more people are trying to bring guns on board, usually because they “forgot” they were armed, says the Transport Security Administration (TSA), according to USA Today.

The weapons are usually found at the security checkpoint, inside carry-on bags.

Last year the TSA reported finding 1,238 firearms at airport checkpoints, which works out to an average of almost four guns per day.

“More than 10 years after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, people are still trying to bring deadly weapons into the cabin of the airplane,” said TSA administrator John Pistole when he addressed Congress in November.

Source: Rheana Murray for the New York Daily News.

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  • Bill fisher

    Actually it’s less than 4 per day, roughly 1,200 each year. So, based on their $8 billion a year budget, it cost $5.5 million for each gum. Since most are owned by people with CCW permits and all have been licensed, this is hardly a bargain.

    Further, based on GAO tests, for every gun the find another 1 or 2 get aboard the plane, yet nothing happens with the ones that do.

    TSA is a complete waste of money and just a jobs program for unemployable misfits.

  • Larry

    I’m guessing that’s about the same number of guns that the airport security folks “back in the” day found. We are just providing a bunch of jobs for uneducated, ignorant, and power seeking morons. Plus, the “icing on the cupcake” is that we’ve given up a lot of freedoms in the process. Now our children get molested, old ladies get felt up, and we have our tools confiscated.

  • Wizard1975

    This should just be common sense. If you fly with your guns, check them. If not, please leave them at home and do not carry them!

    I fly all the time to AR with my gun out of Newark NJ of all places and never had a problem with declaring my firearm in my checked luggage. If I show up at a security check point with a gun on my I would wind up underneath the jail.