Turkey joins NATO’s missile defense shield.

An early warning radar will be stationed in Turkey's southeast…

An early warning radar will be stationed in Turkey’s southeast as part of NATO’s missile defense system, the foreign ministry announced Wednesday.

The system is capable of countering ballistic missile threats from Turkey’s neighbor Iran, which last week warned Turkey that deployment of the radar at the military installation would escalate regional tensions. Turkey insists the shield is not targeting a particular country and the ministry statement made no mention of Iran.

Turkey agreed to host the radar in September in the framework of the NATO missile defense architecture, saying it would strengthen both its own and NATO’s defense capacities.

Source: Selcan Hacaoglu for the Associated Press.

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  • General Jim M

    Didn’t the Turks just threaten Israel?The Egyptians too?We might be fighting the Turks soon,so why protect them? From Israel?At one time Turkey tried to conquer all of europe to spread islam.What? The Turks aren’t muslims anymore?Oh i know what it is, Turkey hasn’t changed,the American executive has.