Two 18 year olds challenge Texas gun law.

As it stands right now you must be 21 in…

As it stands right now you must be 21 in order to get a concealed carry hand gun license, but two teenagers in Lubbock want to change that.

They think if you are 18 years old you should have all the same rights as people who are 21. So they took the 32 year old laws to federal court, claiming the current laws are illegally restricting their rights to carry hand guns.

And people we spoke with agree saying if you can serve in the military then you should be able to carry a gun.

“These guys are going to fight for out country that’s a lot of responsibility in the in the training in the criteria that’s going to have to be established for those guys carrying the fire arm, so you know i’m not against it,” said Steve Camarta the Amarillo Gun Club president.

Source: Matt Hamilton for Connect Amarillo.

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