Two-inch LEGO gun gets NYC 4th-grader in trouble.

STATEN ISLAND, NY — Patrick Timoney brought a gun to…

STATEN ISLAND, NY — Patrick Timoney brought a gun to school Tuesday and nearly got suspended for it. Sounds reasonable until you see the gun – a two-inch LEGO toy gun.

Nine-year-old Timoney, a fourth grader at PS 52 in Staten Island, says he brought some of his LEGOs to school to show his friends during lunch but when the principal saw that one of those toys was a gun she pulled him out of class and called his parents.

A spokesman for the Department of Education says that the principal, Evelyn Matroianni, was just following the “no tolerance” policy of not allowing any weapons on campus.

Timoney’s mother, Laura Timoney thinks the school overreacted.

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  • Larry

    Careful, this will likely be on TSA’s top 10 good catches next year.

  • Eventually! I’ve been hunting for knowledge on lego for a time and found it, my son will likely to be ecstatic!

  • R Dickson

    I think the key word here is WEAPON, you so called education professionals.Use your head not your politics in dealing with your students.