Two mayors, two views on using war-zone equipment along Texas/Mexico border.

The Send Equipment for National Defense Act, written by Representative…

The Send Equipment for National Defense Act, written by Representative Ted Poe, a Republican from Humble, would require that 10 percent of certain equipment returned from Iraq — like Humvees, night-vision equipment and unmanned aerial surveillance craft — be made available to state and local agencies for border-security operations.

The proposal has drawn criticism from Mayor John Cook of El Paso, who has vigorously disputed assertions that his city, which sits across the border from Ciudad Juárez, is affected by the same violence that has plagued northern Mexico.

Mayor John Cook of El Paso said moving war zone equipment to the border would send the wrong signal to Mexico and potentially damage the robust symbiotic economic relationship between the two countries. El Paso and Ciudad Juárez trade more than $70 billion annually, Mr. Cook said.”

Read the rest of Julián Aguilar’s article at the New York Times.

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