Two Vietnam War enemies who turned friends meet at Minnesota Air Expo (video).

The duo met face-to-face for the first time on a…

The duo met face-to-face for the first time on a Vietnamese television show that reunites people, usually long-lost relatives. It was 2008, and Cherry said he was nervous.

“(Hong Me) was introduced very dramatically, and stepped out on the TV set from behind a curtain,” Cherry said. “He appeared, just like I would imagine a Vietnamese fighter pilot should look.”

Source: Frank Vascellaro for CBS Minnesota.

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  • Sampson

    Want to reunite with the communist enemy and make friends? Visit the whitehouse.The commies played chess while we played checkers.Now they’ll hunt down the old US vets and say that they are terrorists.

  • Sampson

    Sick shit man,they killed GIs.Making former enemies your friends is a weakness.F**K the enemy.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    In his neck sideways, dont think Im gonna do that