U.S. Military Entrance to Costa Rica May Be Obstructed

Costa Rica's Constitutional Chamber's recent verdict may impede U.S. military…

Costa Rica’s Constitutional Chamber’s recent verdict may impede U.S. military forces from entering the country.

It determined that the General Direction of Civil Aviation violated the “right to peace” of Costa Ricans, since in May of this year it authorized the entrance of U.S Army Blackhawk helicopters.

The criterion of the sentence 2013-9122 could be applied to entry permits of U.S military ships to Costa Rican waters and it could fall under the joint patrol agreement that has been in force for more than a decade.

It is noteworthy that in July, 2010, Costa Rica starred an international controversy when the Legislature authorized the entry of 46 gunships, 200 helicopters, 10 aircraft and 7,000 U.S soldiers.

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