U.K. police have accidentally discharge firearms 110 times since 2007.

Police marksmen have fired their guns more times by mistake…

Police marksmen have fired their guns more times by mistake than when responding to threats in the last three years, an investigation has found.

One policeman was accidentally shot dead and two others were left with chest and hand injuries following 110 weapon blunders.

Officers have only used their guns 29 times in response to actual incidents – and six members of the public have been killed by armed police in the last three years.

Armed officers in the Met Police’s respected CO19 unit have accidentally blasted their weapons 56 times – more than every other force in the country added together.
Control room worker Keith Tilbury who was accidentally shot in the chest during a Thames Valley Police firearms awareness session, was among the victims.

Police Constable Ian Terry, a 32-year-old father-of-two, was shot dead by a colleague following a blunder while he played the role of a robber making a getaway during a training session.

The investigation also revealed:

– A police officer accidentally shot his own hand while cleaning the weapon at Wiltshire Police HQ in Devizes in July 2008.

– A diplomatic protection officer shot himself in the leg getting into a car by mistake in September 2007.

– A Northern Irish police officer accidentally blasted a hole in a hot water tank at a private address in County Down in April 2007.

– A police constable and an acting sergeant blasted a cow eight times with a rifle and four times with a shotgun during a ‘humane destruction’ in Stockton-on-Tees in August last year.

– A Bedfordshire Police officer fired off a Taser 26 times by mistake into a ballistic bag at an armoury in December last year.

Thirty-one of the ‘negligent discharges’ happened in Northern Ireland where every police officer carries a weapon, figures released under the Freedom of Information Act revealed.
Nationally there have been 110 accidental discharges since January 2007.

Source: Daily Mail U.K.

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  • Oh wow, Ive met ppl from the UK who swear their country is more peaceful than the good old RED, WHITE AND BLUE now I know why. Cops are killing the victims.

  • Walter

    What!!??? How do you accidentally fire a Taser 26 times? You CANNOT properly clean a gun and it go off. That’s not cleaning that’s screwin around. And were they shooting the cow in the ass and waiting for it to bleed out?