UN Security Council Condemns Korean Rocket Launch

The United Nations Security Council has condemned North Korea’s rocket…

The United Nations Security Council has condemned North Korea’s rocket launch, saying it violates two council resolutions prohibiting Pyongyang from using ballistic missile technology. The council will consider stronger action in the coming days.

In a quick response Wednesday, the 15-nation council condemned the launch and reminded Pyongyang that in April the international community demanded it not proceed with any further launches that use ballistic missile technology.

The Security Council president, Moroccan Ambassador Mohammed Loulichki, told reporters after the emergency session that consultations would continue among members on an “appropriate response.”

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  • Gregory

    So, everyone puffs out their chests and does nothing again. We are we waisting our time making threats? This is the same situation as Iran. We will never do a thing to stop either country. Both countries will achieve their objectives and the leaders of other countries and the useless UN will be scratching their heads wondering where they went wrong. Does this sound familiar?