University of Arizona students put up mock border fence.

On Monday, UA students can expect to see a mock…

On Monday, UA students can expect to see a mock border fence for ten days on the UA mall. It’s a fence that stretches nearly four football fields.

UA student organizers say this symbolic mock border fence is intended to cut off the freedom of movement of the entire campus community in order to demonstrate the effects of the actual wall along the U.S. Mexico border.

“There will be certain check points for them to cross through, so they will be able to cross but only in certain places, so we’re funneling the movement on campus,” Francisco Baires said.

But other students on campus say they don’t like the idea of their campus being divided.

“Ten days in the whole mall – that’s pretty extreme. I mean, the check point thing is not okay. I mean, were here to go to school. I think it’s a little ridiculous,” student Taylor Harbor said.

Source: KVOA

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  • Tom

    I am so sorry I forgot to say I was joking.


    Right now I wish I was I was an illegal.

  • Mikk

    There are people at the University of Arizona that pay to go to school there. I don’t think that illegal immigrants pay taxes. How did the people that put this fence up even get into college. This is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever seen to try and prove a point.
    A.You are not proving a point. You are making yourself look stupid and showing you have no real concept of immigration.
    B. You are invading the rights of your fellow students that pay to go to school there by not allowing them to make it to class in a timely manner.

  • Don

    Tom really? Wow talk about ignorant…tell ya what. Why dont you try sneaking into Mexico illegally, and see what happens.

  • Native Texan/American

    Just let them flood in. All of us, “Americans” will keep working hard making sure they get what they need while they crap on us. I’m tired of payin in while they keep poppin out anchor babies on our dime and collecting checks for god knows what…NOT COOL. Build a fence. Build a wall. Do whatever it takes. And Tom, all they have to do to become a citizen is go about it the “Legal” way. I know that is hard for them to understand, obviously, but trust me it can be done. I know many hispanics that are legal immigrants, but they work hard, they are honest and they are’nt here on my dime.

  • Fpblue


    Did you ever hear of a sovereign nation? These illegals are breaking our laws and are thus criminals. Many countries shoot people who sneak into their nation. This country is in enough of a financial mess. We don’t need more illegals coming in to drain us of our services.

  • Jeff

    This demonstration fails to grasp what a border fence actually is. They put up a fence across the middle of their campus, but so many college campuses across this country have gates and security to restrict the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic onto the campus… that is the real equivalent to a border fence.

  • Denns

    Yes we are better and they are not our brothers and sisters in the south! We are Americans I have fought to keep this country free for the American people. How about you worry about your own first, before you worry about everybody else in the world!

  • Tom

    It would be in very poor taste to actually erect a fence along our national border. Do we really benieve we are better than our brothers and sisters to the south? These people deserve to live in the US, why should they have to stay in a country with all the poverty and crime that Mexico has. Who do we think we are.