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    Jay C.,

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  • Jay C.

    Moderator, am I on your “no post” list?

  • Jay C.

    Its a situation no one wants to be in, and few are trained to deal with. There is a defensive mindset that we all need to have when any force, especially when one feels the need for defensive deadly force. Deescalation? No threat? Threat? Iminent threat? Tactical communication? There are more skills needed than merely “two handed gun control”. Criminals should beware that not all of us are sheep, and we will stop your criminal threat when confronted. We will not be victims or statistics.

  • Jman

    Hurray for the Law Abiding Citizen!!! Criminal’s do not care about our gun laws, they will continue to do bad things no matter what the consiquences are. That is why “WE” meaning those who can carry legally should alway’s be on the ready to protect our families and friends. “Thugs be warned” not all of us are sheep and if you are deterimened to harm our women, children and men we will counter force with greater force. This is THE wake up call.. Just Saying.. Anyone Listening?