Upstate Gun Owners Cast a Cold Eye on Cuomo Effort

Harold W. Schroeder’s first gun was his late father’s prized…

Harold W. Schroeder’s first gun was his late father’s prized Winchester 12-gauge shotgun, bequeathed to him when he turned 16. In college, Mr. Schroeder and his classmates kept guns in their fraternity house so they could hunt pheasant.

On Friday night, Mr. Schroeder, now 77, gathered with friends at the Mohawk Rifle and Pistol Club, slipping .22-caliber rounds, one after another, into the magazine for his Smith & Wesson Model 41 pistol. He fixed his eyes on a quarter-sized bull’s-eye hanging 50 feet away and pulled the trigger.

Mr. Schroeder, known to all as Budd, is an accomplished shooter; for decades he has been a regular at pistol competitions in western New York. And for just as long, he has devoted himself to protecting gun rights in New York State, joining a grass-roots organization in 1966 to fight measures proposed in the wake of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and fighting gun control laws ever since.

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