New Orleans crime uptick causing increase in gun sales.

The recent increase in crime in New Orleans has people…

The recent increase in crime in New Orleans has people heading to gun stores in the area, and gun store owners say they are feeling a slight increase as more people concerned about crime look for protection.

Steve Nothem from Wisconsin and Dustin Reddell from Arkansas are in the Marine Corps. Both are stationed in New Orleans, and say the recent increase in violent crime has them concerned.

“The first thing I thought of was, oh crap, I’ve got to do something to protect my family, so as soon as I know I was getting stationed out here, I went and got my conceal carry, bought a pistol, and came out here,” said Nothem.

Nothem says no matter where he goes in the city he keeps his weapon on him.

“If someone is going to pull a gun on my family, I’m going to protect the best way I know how,” said Nothem.

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