Google Glass Air Force
Google Glass might be able to help soldiers in battlefield situations. (Courtesy:; Credit: U.S. Air Force)

US Air Force Exploring Google Glass for Battlefield Use

Targeting and search and rescues might get boost from optical computer.

Google Glass is an optical computer that allows for a first person view of the operator to be relayed to various sources.

A proud parent can wear Google Glass at their child’s sporting event and send images and videos to family members. A traveler can document their cross-country trip to friends. And now, the U.S. Air Force might be able to use Google Glass to relay vital information for battlefield use. has reported that the U.S. Air Force’s “BATMAN” research team is in the process of beta-testing Google Glass “for possible use on the battlefield” at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

Possible Air Force scenarios for the technology use include forward air controllers working on the ground helping vector fighter and bomber aircraft to their targets, search and rescue missions, and combat controllers communicating with aircraft flying overhead and ground troops in combat, supply, and rescue operations.

The appeal of Google Glass to the U.S. Air Force comes from the ability to quickly access information, as well as the product’s lightweight and unintrusive nature.

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