U.S. Army says it faces “dire” financial situation as cuts loom

Images: The U.S. Army A senior military budget officer said…

Images: The U.S. Army

A senior military budget officer said on Wednesday that converging financial pressures could leave the U.S. Army with just $2 billion to spend on operations, maintenance and training this year after it has funded the war in Afghanistan and other security needs.

That is a fraction of what the Army usually spends to train soldiers, maintain bases, refurbish equipment and carry out overseas operations during a seven-month period and has created a “dire” and “unprecedented” outlook, said Major General Karen Dyson, director of the Army Budget Office.

Pentagon officials have warned for months that a $46 billion across-the-board cut in defense spending – now due to go into effect on Friday – would be “devastating” to the military.

Source: David Alexander for Reuters

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  • N. Louisiana Deputy

    So while the U.S. Army struggles for $$s we have enuf to send millions to Syria??? This administration is the most FUed imaginable