U.S. attorney’s office announces Blackwater/Xe/Academi agrees to pay $7.5m to avoid jail time.

Republican Palace, American Embassy Annex, US State Department security (Blackwater),…

Republican Palace, American Embassy Annex, US State Department security (Blackwater), International (Green) Zone, central Baghdad, Iraq. Image: amesdale10/Wikipedia

The bill of information and DPA were unsealed today in U.S. District Court in New Bern, North Carolina, during proceedings before the Honorable Louise W. Flanagan, U.S. District Judge. In the agreement, the company admits certain facts set forth in a bill of information and agrees to a $7.5 million fine. The DPA binding agreement also referenced the $42 million settlement between the company and the Department of State as part of a settlement of violations of the Arms Export Control Act and the International Trafficking in Arms Regulations.

“Today’s proceedings conclude a lengthy and complex investigation into a company which has provided valuable services to the United States government, but which, at times, and in many ways, failed to comply with important laws and regulations concerning how we as a country interact with our international allies and adversaries,” said U.S. Attorney Thomas Walker. “Compliance with these laws is critical to the proper conduct of our defense efforts and to international diplomatic relations. This prosecution is an important step to ensuring that our corporate citizens comply with these rules in every circumstance.”

Source: Kimberly Dvorak for Examiner.com.

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