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  • Mr. Clean

    The only way to get the hookers off the street is to start busting Johns.

    This ain’t rocket science.

    The only way to stop the violence in Mexico and on American streets from drug gangs is start busting their market, while you seal the border by whatever means it takes. Take the profit out of what they do, and they will stop doing it. If they can’t get to market, they go out of business.

    Our government’s abysmal failure to act in the public’s interests on this matter is the shame of the Century, and so far all the steps by government in the past couple decades have been 180 from what was needed; beyond counter-productive–outright treasonous. NAFTA, open borders where truckloads of “imports” come through virtually unmolested? And we’re surprised what the Devil’s billion-dollar industry has led to? This morning’s news had a truckload of “canned spinach” busted by an alert ICE guy who noticed the cases of “spinach” were too light — and of course were full of grass. I don’t know what a #303 can of grass goes for on the street, but it’s a lot less than coke, so you can assume those shipping it were on a fairly slim margin…a margin that does not have to account for any risk: in other words they know our border is wide freakin’ open.