U.S. Border Patrol wants clever tactical equipment to peer into and around buildings.

Image: Zistos CBP plans to buy a handful of tactical…

Image: Zistos

CBP plans to buy a handful of tactical surveillance products from Zistos Corp., of Holbrook, NY, or their equivalent, that would enable the U.S. Border Patrol’s tactical team to exploit various building designs, such as entry ways, windows, walls and ceilings, as team members try to enter buildings safely.

CBP plans to procure one tactical surveillance kit, that would include “a pole camera, an under the door camera, a flexible video scope camera and a through the wall camera,” says a statement of work issued by CBP on August 11.

Such a kit would also be able to transmit audio and video signals, via wireless technology, to off-site personnel. “The cameras will have IR and or thermal capabilities,” said CBP’s notice.

Source: Jacob Goodwin for Government Security News.

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