US, Canada to help Russia start anti-terrorist training center.

The US and Canada will help Russia establish a new…

The US and Canada will help Russia establish a new anti-terrorist training centre, a top Obama administration official here said.

Anne Harrington, the deputy head of the US Energy Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration, said that the centre would be built in Russia and would belong to the Defence Ministry.

The tripartite agreement stipulates the construction and equipment of the centre, repairs of a number of existent buildings and development of other infrastructure.

The centre will train personnel of Russian nuclear sites to use various tactical methods in the provision of security, the official said.

Source: Zee News

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  • General Jim M

    If it becomes necessary in the future all American patriots will be declared to be terrorists.GW Bush set it up so that the war on terror includes all irregular forces who are fight established status quo government forces.He has branded freedom fighters with suicide bombers.The FBI teaches that the founders of the US were terrorists.

  • General Jim M

    Now why the hell is the US and Canada going to train Russians? Are all the “nutcases” on the internet right when they say foreign forces based in America will someday be used against American civilians? I don’t like the bullshit brotherhoods being setup between the american military with domestic police,foreign police and foreign militaries.We helped the jihadis against Russia, now where has that gotten us.This stinks like a rat.Where are the nationalists in America?