U.S. concerns over Mexico drug war leaked.

Behind the headlines of the Mexican offensive against the drug…

Behind the headlines of the Mexican offensive against the drug cartels, there is a Mexico-U.S. relationship that is equal measures success and skepticism, leaked state department documents show.

The documents, made public through the WikiLeaks website, show that the United States has doubts about the way Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s government is carrying out the fight against the drug gangs.

The United States provides intelligence and aid to the Mexican effort, but in the same breath lacks confidence in the way the Mexican army is operating, the documents show.

“Mexican security institutions are often locked in a zero-sum competition in which one agency’s success is viewed as another’s failure, information is closely guarded, and joint operations are all but unheard of,” a January 2010 cable from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico states.

The U.S. assessment is that “official corruption is widespread,” and it points out that only 2% of those detained are brought to trial. In Ciudad Juarez, a flash point in the war, only 2% of those arrested have been charged with a crime, it says.

Source: Mariano Castillo for CNN.

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  • Loren McCoy

    I say we let New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas add northern Mexico to the United States. The drug war in Mexico is only going to get worse. It is just a matter of time before the U.S. has put large amounts of troops at the border.