U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton raises the realities of a porous border.

The judge who will decide whether Arizona's new immigration law…

The judge who will decide whether Arizona’s new immigration law is constitutional hasn’t indicated whether she’ll put the statute on hold before it takes effect next week and had some pointed questions Thursday for challengers at two court hearings.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton also went beyond dry legal analysis to point out some of the everyday realities of illegal immigration and how that applies to the new law.

Without prodding from attorneys, the judge noted that the federal government erected signs in a wilderness area south of Phoenix that warn visitors about immigrant and drug smugglers passing through public lands. She said the stash houses where smugglers hide immigrants from Mexico before bringing them into the country’s interior have become a fixture on the news in Arizona.

“You can barely go a day without a location being found in Phoenix where there are numerous people being harbored,” said Bolton, who didn’t issue a ruling after the two hearings.

Bolton has been asked to block the law from taking effect as she hears seven lawsuits by the U.S. Department of Justice, civil rights groups and others that question the constitutionality of the measure, which has reignited the national immigration debate.

Source: Jacques Billeaud and Paul Davenport for AP News.

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  • William Lane

    Obama,Bolton,the mayors of sanctuary cities, and all politicians who are protecting the illegals
    should be hauled to court and prosecuted to the maximum.They all have sold out in an effort to gain more votes. Make them citizens and put them on the dole. That’s the democratic way.

  • Searcher5

    After the last election in 2008, it was found that a bit over 220 illegal aliens voted in Bexar County. That’s just Bexar County, which is where San Antonio is. They try to vote, and word of mouth on the street is they are told to try to vote. If they get by great, if not, no big deal, at least to them. Oh, the groups that tell them to vote all vote Democrat. Who would have guessed it.

  • jsallen

    Another thing, I don’t know where you guys live but in my state to vote I have to be registered and I have to have photo ID. I don’t think any illegal would risk it to register and have photo ID to vote. And it’s a known fact that voter fraud in this country is minimal. It’s election fraud that is rampant. You know where somebody in the secretary of state’s office decides to put fewer voting machines in certain areas so they can disenfranchise a whole group of people who can’t stand in a line for hours to vote (Ohio 2004). Or Caging where someone sends out notices that look like junk mail asking you to return it to verify your address and if not you get taken off the voter registration list. That works really well in college towns where college kids change addresses frequently around town.

  • Neil

    Something needsd to be done now, Obama and anyone else that harbors illegals should be held for it. San Fran and Maywood CA, you need to be shut down.

    The Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952, under section 8 any US citizen that knowingly assists an illegal alien by providing them with employment, food, water or shelter has committed a felony. Any city, county or state that declares their jurisdiction to be a open city/county/state are subject to arrest. Police officers that ignore officials or violate Section 8 are committing a felony. The officials that break any of these rules are financially liable for any crime committed in their jurisdiction by an illegal. http://www.newswithviews.com/Ryter/jon311.htm

  • jsallen

    Arizona made it a law that all companies in the state had to use E-Verify on all future hires. After a year less than 10% had followed thru. There is where the buck stops. Obamma needs to step up and make it a Federal, not just a State crime to ignore it. Plus Arizona (and others)needs to go after these employers. I’ve heard so many construction contractors call into radio talk shows and bitch about not being able to compete with contractors using illegals. I live in Washington State and every Home Depot has a crowd of 20+ standing around and then scatter when a police cruiser pulls up. Where is ICE? The border will never be secured enough. We need to make it tougher on hiring and that goes for the gated community crowd that hire the live in nanny and gardener. I hate to give in to hate and fear cause we need to keep our eye on corporate influence over our gummit more than anything else(Eisenhower was right). But, were not only loosing manufacturing jobs (thanks to “Free Trade” and no import tariffs) but also construction trade jobs like brick layers, dry wallers, painters, framers, etc. We need a stealth maneuver by our gummit to stop it at the higher (hirer) level.

  • kikki

    obammymammy and his commie mob are looking for that mexican vote, legal or illegal, dead or alive. Every single election has the demoRATSts raising the dead to vote again… and again and again! Rotten cruds. Legal immigrants should be outraged. They pay to support these bums and their offspring, too.

  • Rich Beaudry

    The Federal Government will attack the Arizona law not because they feel there is not a problem with illegals, they know there is a problem. What these liberals want is more voters in November.

    These signs point out the problem, but some BLM official will probally get fired or other action taken against him or her for having the signs put up in the first place — the truth hurts the wrong people.

    Two question. There are over 300 city and state laws that impact illegal immigrants, why doesn’t the Obama Administration go after them? More importantly they are cities that make it a regulation/law that their enforcement officers can’t enforce immigration laws or report illegal immigrants to ICE — why do the Feds not go after these cities? Its all tied to votes and future votes, not public safety.