US Envoy Urges North Korea to Scrap Nuke Test Plan

A U.S. envoy said Monday that North Korea is playing…

A U.S. envoy said Monday that North Korea is playing a dangerous game with the international community by threatening a nuclear test and urged the communist nation to scrap its plan.

Glyn Davies, U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Policy, urged Pyongyang to return to its international obligations in abandoning its nuclear programs.

“We find North Korea that seems bent on playing a game of risk. This is very dangerous,” he told reporters after meeting with his Japanese counterpart, Shinsuke Sugiyama, in Tokyo to discuss the anticipated nuclear test.

Davies was in Japan following similar talks with South Korean officials in Seoul over the weekend.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    oh wow why didnt we think of that!?! Just tell them to quit and poof it will happen! LOL Idiot