U.S. faces delays in effort to keep guns out of Mexico.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - AUGUST 1: Mexican military destroys firearms…

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – AUGUST 1: Mexican military destroys firearms seized from criminal organizations and drug cartels in Mexico City, Mexico on August 1, 2010. Many of the weapons are smuggled into Mexico from the United States. Guns confiscated in crimes are stored at a military base in Mexico City and then disabled. The government has seized more than 80,000 weapons in last four years. (Photo by William Booth/The Washington Post)

In Mexico City efforts to stem the smuggling of weapons from the United States to Mexican drug cartels have been frustrated by bureaucratic infighting, a lack of training and the delayed delivery of a computer program to Mexico, according to U.S. and Mexican officials.

In the past four years, Mexico has submitted information about more than 74,000 guns seized south of the border that the government suspects were smuggled from the United States. But much of the data is so incomplete as to be useless and has not helped authorities bust the gunrunners who supply the Mexican mafias with their vast armories, officials said.

According to U.S. agents working here, Mexican prosecutors have not made a single major arms trafficking case.

In an address before a joint session of Congress this year, President Felipe Calderon asked the United States to reimpose a ban on the assault-style rifles favored by Mexican drug cartels and to work harder to stop weapons flowing from gun shops and shows along the southwest border into Mexico.

Obama administration officials have responded with a surge in spending to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Department of Homeland Security, and promises to curb cross-border gunrunning.

“Mexico is facing an unprecedented and a terrible struggle” against arms traffickers, money launderers and organized crime, Mexico Attorney General Arturo Chavez said Tuesday, standing beside U.S. ambassador Carlos Pascual. “We have to fight these criminals together. Positive results have been attained, but we need to do more and move faster.”

Source: William Booth for the Washington Post.

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    Mexico will not use any computer program to track firearms, because the registry data from 1972 up to today is a mess(mexico gun owners have to register their firearms to be “legal” no matter where they came from).

    yes we also have the equivalent of a second amendment, and we can lawfully have firearms in our homes and if we belong to a shooting club, we can have many more and shoot wherever we want in mexico, the limits on handguns is 380acp or 38 spl, on high power rifles we can have anything we want up to 338 and higher if you justify shooting abroad. we can also have any shotguns we want.

    the most important limit on guns is that we cannot have any full automatic firing weapon.

    yes, we are in trouble and need help fast, yes we are also rich from too much petroleum, government officials are also in trouble if you start digging for info on their own firearms..

    sorry if most of my fellow patriots go and search for the american dream in the USA, there is also a lot of money to be made in Mexico by the Mexicans or americans, or anyone else. those who dare will make it.

    I live in a home with four pc´s, many tv´s with cable, three car in the garage, all of my family speak at least two languages, have been to Europe, south america, north america many times and I´m proud to be a Mexican. By the way I do not work on the government, or private industries.
    I´m a hardworking gunsmith.


  • Rick

    Mexico couldn’t stick their finger up their you know what. After that Communist came here and chastised the US, and Congress applauded, that was enough for me. They need to go home and stay home. I am talking about the Democrats AND the Mexicans here illegally. Something has got to be done. I have seen too many pictures of the illegals desecrating our flag. They have respect for no one and nothing. Just a hand-out and baby machine.