U.S. law enforcement adopting new smartphone criminal recognition tech.

Law enforcement agencies all over the U.S. are planning on…

Law enforcement agencies all over the U.S. are planning on adopting new smartphone attached tech called MORIS to streamline identifying the bad guys.

U.S. law enforcement agencies are planning on implementing a new mobile gadget that will be used to identify criminals. The new technology will snap onto the back of a smartphone and be able to search records based on a scan of a suspects’ face or eyes.

The accessory is called MORIS, an acronym which stands for Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System. Officers use the special camera on MORIS and take a picture of a person’s iris from 5 to 6 inches away. The system then analyzes unique features in the iris and uses that data to find a possible match in the criminal database.

For facial recognition, officers will be able to snap pictures from a farther range of up to 5 feet away. The system uses around 130 distinguishing features to find a facial match within the database. The new MORIS system streamlines the process of identification compared to current methods. At the moment, law enforcement has to first take pictures with digital cameras, download those pictures to laptops and then run searches using facial-recognition technologies. MORIS also comes with a small metallic rectangle in order to scan for fingerprints.

Source: Jeff Hughs for Digital Trends.

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  • Wyatt Trash

    Man, this is ripe for abuse by the police state. Once your iris/face is scaned, it’s available for inclusion in MORIS – regardless of previous illegal activity.