U.S. law enforcement agencies asked Google to remove police brutality videos from YouTube.

Google’s biannual Transparency Report was updated yesterday and it has…

Google’s biannual Transparency Report was updated yesterday and it has revealed some interesting information regarding requests to remove YouTube content as well as requests for user data from governmental agencies.

During the period of January 2011 to July 2011, Google reports that they received a request from a local United States law enforcement agency. The agency wanted Google to take down certain YouTube videos that depicted police brutality. Google says that they refused to remove the videos in question.

On a separate occasion, another law enforcement agency made multiple requests that Google remove videos “allegedly defaming law enforcement officials.” They also refused to remove the content, which they file under “defamation requests.”

Source: Josh Wolford for Webpronews.com.

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  • Me

    Yeah, go ahead and “sleep”, WJS… If you don’t care about LE’s attempts to hide their unlawful brutality against your fellow American citizens, then work up a little more assholish nerve and just say so directly.

    You say this is a non-story? I say YOU are a non-story. Find something less important to troll about.

  • WJS

    So? Why wouldn’t they? You think maybe anybody else has asked Google to remove videos that made them look bad? No one but LE agencies has ever asked them to do that? Whatever. Non-story. ZZZZZZZZZ.