U.S. law enforcement to expand training in Mexico.

U.S. law enforcement will train local and state police officers…

U.S. law enforcement will train local and state police officers from Mexico as part of the next phase of the two countries’ joint fight against transnational drug cartels, a U.S. State Department official said Wednesday.

U.S. agencies have been training Mexican federal police on both sides of the border for several years. However, William Brownfield, assistant secretary of state for international narcotics and law enforcement affairs, said it is clear that local forces face the most concentrated violence, especially in northern Mexico, and are in the most need of training.

“If we do not address these problems cooperatively today, we will be addressing them on our own front doorsteps in five years,” Brownfield said.

Mexico received $327 million for police training in fiscal 2009 from the U.S. State Department through Merida, placing it behind only Afghanistan and Iraq in total funds received for police training from the departments of State or Defense, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office in April.

Source: Christopher Sherman for the Associated Press.

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  • Jay C.

    They truly need the help. These cartels operate by terrorizing the population and making them feel compelled to support them. Many local officers yield to them out of fear of dying on a daily basis. Give them a break. Local towns (and pueblos) have very limited budgets & resources. Northern Mexico is virtually impoverished compared to the southern, well developed areas.

  • Jay C.

    Having just been to Mexico City, Veracruz and driving major highways (while on vacation) in Mexico, they have their hands full. They=our neighbors. Policia Federal are just one force (albeit a large one). There are Soldiers, Marines, Naval personnel patrolling as well. I support this decision as they will need the help. We should be judgmental of our society’s huge appetite for narcotics (both illegal & prescription abuse). These cartels even charge “protection money” to small, underdeveloped towns that are outrageous in proportion to their incomes. This is a difficult and complex war just as our troops fight in asymmetrical (urban) warfare. I’d rather see the funds go there than any where else in the world. It gives their kids incentive to grow up, make a difference, make a good living and feel “supported” by their neighbors (who are the main customer of the drugs in the first place).

  • General Jim M

    What could be next? Just ouright handing the guns to the federalis FOR the cartels? Saw an interesting truck in Virginia on route 81 today,the company name was Mexuscan.Getting ready to make big bucks on the superhighyway i guess.Saw another interesting thing on 81 today. A truck pulling a flatbed with the name PHANTOM on the rear carrying two BLACK riot control vehicles with numerous gun ports at all heights. Tall vehicle,four wheels,angled armor,kind orf reminds me of the british vehicles in northern Ireland.I did not see US military markings on them.Police? Just what are these psychos planning for?Anyone have any ideas on what it is? And why black paint and no insignia?

  • Jman

    Ahhh That’s just great!!! Have we not learned our leasons from the 80’s/90’s! Most of the Mexican police were/are currupt. So that is my 327 million tax dollars going to complete waste! Train our own guys, add more police on our side of the boarder, tighten up and use more advanced equipment on the boarder with my tax dollars that will make may more sense then giving it to f…..g crooks! Don’t get me wrong there are some good guys on the Mexican side but not enough to make me feel good about 327 million of my tax dollars… No wounder our economy is going down the tubes… Just Saying.. anyone listening???