U.S. Marine to argue free speech case at hearing.

Image: govtech.com A Marine facing dismissal for running a Facebook…

Image: govtech.com

A Marine facing dismissal for running a Facebook page criticizing the Obama administration is now backed by a team of lawyers and federal congressmen as he fights to stay in the military and test its age-old policy of limiting the free speech of service members.

Sgt. Gary Stein will appear before a military board at Camp Pendleton on Thursday to argue his case.

The 26-year-old Marine has been rallying for support since he was notified last month that the military was moving to discharge him after determining he was in violation of the Pentagon policy barring service members from engaging in political activities.

Source: Julie Watson for The Associated Press

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  • Jman

    auh ooh somebody’s angry, Did mister cranky pants wake up on the wrong side of the conversation or what? I’m so pro American in it’s values it’s sick but I don’t expect Tim in Tampa to understand…LOL. You make a valid point on artical 134 but lost me on china…LMFAO… Hey ahole have you even tried to join the military and read the paperwork to sign up on or are you a couch commando that knows a thing or two about nothing!!?? Cause if you did read that Contract/Agreement to join it does state, but please don’t quote me on the exact wording that you are the Property of the United States and therefor must abide by the rules set forth by the laws of your Military branch. Meaning you CAN NOT VOICE YOUR OPINION AGAINST YOUR COMMANDER AND CHIEF NO MATTER HOW LAME THEY ARE. TIM You do sign a contract to join the military Because I almost did years ago and read what I was signing they promised me more than they were willing to amend to that contract so I opted out I like my rights as a citizen compared to a soilder…. TIM READ EVERYTHING FIRST THEN COMMENT.. Just saying Anyone listening??

  • Tim in Tampa

    Dear Dumb ass that put in the statement above that you signed your right away… So, I suppose that since you signed your rights away the government has the right to tell you to take a gun and blow your brains out, to eat poisonous garbage, to torture prisoners and to make an ass out of yourself in front of whomever they choose or commit murder or even worse commit suicide… Your argument is stupid. The UCMJ provides equal protection under the constitution the only thing different is it is under the jurisdiction of a military court of law under with the same rights as everyone else has in the United States. When ever you commit a crime in the military you are still entitled to a trial and you a still read Miranda before being questioned. For this young man though it’s all up to some asshole to determine now if article 134 applies. In a nut shell they will try to hang him for acts or behavior unbecoming of a Marine, which is the catch all article and most certainly will land him a general discharge under honorable conditions. A CONTRACT has nothing to do with signing your rights as a citizen of the United States away. You cannot become property of someone or something that would constitute slavery and that is illegal. Your argument is lame this purely a free speech issue and Obama is just flexing his sphincter once again. So yes I am listening and next time you want to voice your communist idealisms (no free speech)… just saying, why don’t you do it while your in China or Cuba since you like batting for the other team!

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    No such thing as free speech in the Military and he knows that

  • Jman

    Sorry to say this because I do believe in all of our rights under the Constitution, but when you signed that CONTRACT to join the United States Military no matter which branch it was you gave up all your rights… What part of you are now the property of the United States of America or you have now given up your rights for the United States of America did you not understand. You should of waited until you got out or not joined at all if you wanted to voice your idealism’s period. Just saying…Anyone listening?