U.S. Officials reveal Al-Qaeda breakthrough in “super explosives.”

Several years ago an official with the State Department’s Bureau…

Several years ago an official with the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security disclosed to this author that al-Qaeda scientists had achieved a stunning breakthrough in non-nuclear explosives. At that time al-Qaeda experts were reportedly on the verge of developing a new class of “super explosives.” A more accurate description would be to refer to them as “sustained detonation” or “uncurved brisance” explosives. On October 29, 2011, those explosives may have made their debut when one of NATO’s supposedly “bomb-proof” Rhino armored buses was hit by a suicide car bomb which threw the massive Rhino into the air and flipped it over along a Kabul highway killing all 13 military and civilian occupants.

Chemical explosives, i.e., those which detonate rather than simply burn, obtain most of their destructive power due to a supersonic shock wave formed by the detonation impulse. The higher the velocity of the impulse the greater its shattering power. That is generally referred to as the “brisance” of the explosive. The name originated from the French verb “briser” meaning to break or shatter. The velocity can be depicted as a curve in which the impulse climbs, peaks and then falls. According to Diplomatic Security officials, the al-Qaeda’s explosives rise and peak but do not immediately fall. Instead the peak can be maintained for a very short period. As a result there is no curve as with conventional explosives. This would magnify their destructive power considerably.

Read the rest of Matthew Nasuti’s article at kabulpress.org.

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  • DT

    The only use for this article is to line the bottom of your garbage can. Its a combination of Taliban and Pakistani disinformation, fantasy and just trash. The author is a noted sensationalist who is prone to writing gossip and innuendo. Whatever he writes shouldn’t be taken seriously. That doesn’t dismiss the need to investigate the blast but don’t put any stock in the writer (who can barely be called that with a straight face).

  • Russ

    The conventional model of explosives would indicate that this is nonsense. The thought that a bunch of cave dwelling retrograde barbarians could invent this while the science and industries of the developed world could not, support the BS theory.

  • EGS

    Holy sugar! that is a serious explosive!