U.S. says ‘no’ on Taiwan sale of F16 fighter jets seen as sign of China clout.

Image: Master Sgt. Andy Dunaway for DoD. A U.S. decision…

Image: Master Sgt. Andy Dunaway for DoD.

A U.S. decision not to sell Taiwan new F-16 fighter jets is being seen by many U.S. allies in Asia as a sign of China’s growing clout.

The pre-eminent military power in East Asia for a half-century, the U.S. has explicitly and implicitly provided a security umbrella for countries from Singapore to Japan, helping to keep the peace that has fostered stunning economic growth.

While few of these allies believe the U.S. is lessening its commitment to the region, they still see Washington’s refusal to make the F-16 sale — confirmed to The Associated Press by two congressional aides privy to an administration briefing on the issue — as showing a new deference to Chinese interests.

China is a “big factor … that can’t be discounted,” Philippine Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin told the AP. “All things are always considered in a decision and China is a world player now.”

Source: The Associated Press via CBS.

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  • CrusaderKnight

    If they do not have an alliance,Japan,South Korea,Taiwan,the Phillipines and Australia had better make their own minus the US.With our current president,America’s loyalty cannot be counted on.Just ask Israel.

  • CK

    I hate our politicians. They shouldn’t give a damn what China thinks, we should have sold Taiwan the new jets and not worried about it. China can’t push us around and we can’t let them. They might be growing but we are still the only true Ultra Power in the world.

  • Jeff

    This should be more of a no brainer… China might not be our “enemy” but they are competition… so anything they don’t like has to be a good idea.

    That said at a time when the US economy is hurting we had two choices… A) Take Taiwans $9 Billion for new planes, or B) Pay $6 Billion out of our own pockets to upgrade their old planes for them. Once again this is a no brainer.