U.S. Secret Service looking into Ted Nugent violent anti-Obama message.

Video Description The U.S. Secret Service is looking into a…

Video Description
The U.S. Secret Service is looking into a violent rant by “Catch Scratch Fever” rocker Ted Nugent in which he denounced President Barack Obama and his top advisers as “evil” and urged National Rifle Association members to help “chop their heads off in November.”

“I’ll tell you this right now: If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year,” Nugent said. “We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November. Any questions?”

The U.S. Secret Service is looking into the incendiary and potentially threatening remarks made by rocker and Mitt Romney-backer Ted Nugent at the National Rifle Association convention over the weekend.

“We are aware of them and we are conducting the appropriate follow-up now,” Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie told ABC News.

Source: Devin Dwyer for ABC News.

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  • I think Ted should run for president.. I know America would be safe, and we would not be putting up with all this left wing B/S that we have put up with the past 3 years. You tell’em Ted!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Leave Ted alone, any moron can tell it was a figure of speech. Go back to your hookers and titty bars!

  • Dan

    Apparently they didn’t watch the whole video because he talked about doing it in the voting booths.

  • fjkhoury01

    So when the secret service isn’t smashing hookers in south america they’re chasing Ted Nugent.