U.S. State Department reconsiders ban on importing Korean M-1 Garands.

John Garand, left, points out features of the M1 Garand…

John Garand, left, points out features of the M1 Garand rifle to senior Army officials: Major General Charles M. Wesson, center, Brigadier General Gilbert H. Stewart, right. Image: Wikimedia

The State Department announced Dec. 2 that it will re-consider its stance against allowing M-1 Garands into the United States if South Korea offers another sale.

“The Department will consider a new request from the Republic of Korea (ROK) to transfer its inventory of approximately 87,000 M-1 Garand rifles into the United States for sale on the commercial market,” a spokesperson at the U. S. Department of State said to Guns&Patriots on Dec. 2. “We have not yet received that request.”

“These M-1 Garand rifles date back as far as 1926 and remain a legacy of decades of U.S.-South Korean security partnership. The ROK intends to use the net proceeds of the sale, estimated to be between $2 million – $10 million depending on the condition of the rifles, to upgrade its Homeland Defense Mobilization Reserve components with more modern rifles,” said the spokesperson.

Read the rest of Jen Veldhuyzen’s article at Human Events.

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  • sams

    You completely misunderstand Hilary. She may not join you at the range but she is a hell of a politician. She knows that the gun issue is a no win issue. That’s how she became a senator. She went upstate where people shoot and hunt and for once a politician listened (and that includes a lot of republicans). I think the administration was caught of guard and they are now looking for a graceful way out of an initial stupid decision.

  • Gerry

    Just think, all of these rifles that were given to korea were WWII leftovers. They didn’t care who made them or where they were from, as long as they had something to shoot commies with. Most probably were not even used except for drill practice. There are probably a lot of rare ones as well as junky ones. I would love to sort thru all of them and sort out the good from the bad. It’ll be like a five year old in a Toys R Us with their own platinum card.

  • Jim in Carolina

    $10,000,000 for 87,000 M1s comes to $115 per rifle.

  • Never trust the liberals

  • Gregory

    Hold on everyone, remember, State Department = Hillary Clinton. Do not hold your breath on this one. If she allows the import, she either hit her head and forgot what she stands for or she has ulterior motives.

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    Ahm Havin’ A Pavlovian Reaction to this article.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    oooohhhh Daddy better start saving his nickels and dimes!