U.S. threatens to sue Arizona sheriff over immigration probe.

The US government is ready to sue a prominent Arizona…

The US government is ready to sue a prominent Arizona sheriff if he does not cooperate with an investigation into alleged discrimination against illegal immigrants, officials said Wednesday.

The target of the federal action is Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, whose zealous pursuit and severe treatment of illegal immigrants has made him a hero to some in Arizona and hated by others.

“We will not hesitate to commence litigation after August 17 if MCSO (Maricopa County Sheriff Office) continues to take the position that it need not cooperate with the Division’s investigation,” the Justice Department warned Arpaio in an August 3 letter.

The Justice Department opened the investigation in March 2009 following allegations of discrimination against Hispanics by Arpaio, 78, who has come under fire for tactics that include police sweeps in streets, factories and outside restaurants.

“MCSO has always fulfilled its responsibilities truthfully, honorably, and in full compliance with state and federal law,” said a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, Asheesh Agarwal, in an email.

The sheriff’s lawyers have requested a new meeting with federal agents next week, Justice Department spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa said.

The Justice Department is demanding that Arpaio turn over documents and fully open sheriff office facilities to its investigators.

Source: AFP

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  • Eric

    The Sheriff, a former federal agent himself, is a very brave man, especially so because he knows the extreme danger he faces beyond the Kangaroo legal process. In stark reality, the Sheriff faces a “Titan” with essentially unlimited resources and, a public who really doesn’t care about his fate or what he has attempted to do for his community. Worse, he has failed to realize the average person can say anything she or he wants to in America, unless the speaker in question is rich or famous. The Sheriff is a famous guy (who humbly believes he is an “average guy”), but, who in fact stands in the way of the powerful “funders of governments,” and their current economic agency, Globalization, which demands low wages and low prosperity to affect elite profit: this is the real geopolitical issue behind the coming blanket Amnesty. Thus, the Sheriff has gravely miscalculated as he symbolically stands in the way of macroeconomic forces enabled by the political and ideological change of affluent who hypocritically declare themselves, “world citizens.” The Sheriff’s “old school” pursuit of virtue may be relevant to God, but not to THE MAN. In terms of power politics, compared to THE MAN, the Sheriff, like you and I, has the relative power of a snail. This is the brutal reality. The appointed Judges will be against him, and the Mainstream Media are against him. His lawyers will probably be wise to not put forth their best effort. And, his money will run out when he is sued civilly by various “private” political groups, idiotically funded by the “world citizens” of the academic world. Finally, the Cartels share the same interest in the Sheriff as the illegal “mules,” media moguls, and the “do-gooder” activists, who truly want the Sheriff completely “out-of-the-picture.” In contrast, the apathetic public – even the Tea Party – won’t be there for him. Truly, “No country for old men.” Again, the Sheriff is very brave but his convictions will cost him severely. He is clearly driven by a vision of a virtuous America which essentially died with the rise of Political Correctness and the championing of Reverse Racism. He is living in the wrong country at the wrong time in history… Perhaps those who bother to “care” may learn from his likely sacrifice! Sounds cynical? Indeed!

  • yea thats eric holder…he hates it when people do their job so well.that was always a dream of eric’s,but much like learning to read he gave up!
    so now he just forces himself on people who succeed…..the obama admin. is just a sad shell
    of what this great land used be.

    just like when i.c.e. used to mean immigration and customs enforcement,or back when the president
    was a reflection of the people,and do you remeber
    when the people were safe from narco terrorists walking across the border and killing innocent
    americans just to show the world how weak their federal goverment is…..yea those were the days.
    back when cuba was cut off for trying to nuke us.
    you know back when the justice department could call a terrorist a terrorist..or when rumsfeld shook the earth with shock and ahhh!!!!i rember when treason was a crime that might get you date with a firing squad..the crazy part is im olny 32 wow things sure have changed….now gangster rap
    is music to run the country by.now i could be wrong,but are gangs not where the cartells move their dope too.are they not the number one cause of murder in america to date.does all the blood
    shed by those who give their lives to protect us mean nothing? olny if your part of the obama admin. oh yea.. as for you jsallen, rumsfeld is the alpha military mind of our time! and the olny
    thing that stood between him and b.l. was red tape
    and people that thought complete and total military dominance may be preceived as to harsh,so
    if b.l. did walk…as you say. it was because the
    cost was to high. “meaning more innocent lives”
    and we all know nobody is amune to b.l.’s brand of
    jihad justice.as for sadam jsallen.he didnt need
    nukes sadam and his son’s were a wepon of mass destuction! ask anyone who lived in or around iraq
    they were the biggest gangters in the world,and they had the resume and the accolades to prove it.
    just ask the kurds,or people of iraq,or the people
    in his own cabinet he suspected of having the iraqi peoples best intrest in mind…are you seeing a connection yet?as far as myself and the tea party is not a bunch of racists were everyone
    from working folks to cops to lawyers to bounty hunters, small business owners, senators,state reps. anyone and everyone jsallen, and your just another brainwashed by ganster rap,race baiting,
    pant sagging,jail house punk! and in 2012 america is gonna throw that lolife obama out!so remember jsallen….dont ask and dont tell!

  • Eric

    “Hard ball…”