Utah’s CCW permit system sees changes.

Under a measure signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert…

Under a measure signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert on Wednesday, Utah’s concealed weapons permit system—widely popular among gun owners nationwide because it’s recognized by 33 states—will see some significant changes.

Senate Bill 26 requires non-residents who seek a Utah concealed-weapon permit to first obtain one from their home state, if available. As a result, it will most certainly impact what has become something of a cottage industry for The Beehive State—the classroom instruction and issuing of its concealed-weapon permits to residents of other states who wish to legally carry in as many states as possible.

In recent years, the popularity and wide reciprocity of the Utah permit spawned the presentation of training classes by Utah-certified instructors in states and urban areas nationwide, including cities like Chicago and New York.

Source: J.R. Absher for Outdoor Life.

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  • Gunnut226

    This makes no sense. Not only will they lose a lot of revenue, but the support base for the Utah CCW is huge. I hope I will be granfathered in.

  • Jordan

    Anyone know if this will cause problems for those of us who ALREADY have a Utah CCW but not one in their home state? I happen to live in the tyranny of California and will only “qualify” for a CA CCW if I have already been raped or almost murdered… yea, since that makes sense.

  • The requirement for US Citzens to have a CHL permit from their own state is satisfactory IF that state is a MUST ISSUE state. IF IT IS NOT A MUST ISSUE STATE then UTAH is joing the Tyranny of STATES like California and others were only the “ruling class elites’ can get a CHL.