Utah’s concealed weapons permits popular in Idaho, U.S.

The state of Utah, one of Idaho’s neighbors to the…

The state of Utah, one of Idaho’s neighbors to the south, has seen a steady rise in concealed weapons permits over the past few years that highlight some differences in how the states handle letting citizens carry firearms.

A key difference between Idaho and Utah is portability—people who hold Utah’s concealed weapons can use those permits to legally carry a gun in 32 states across the country, including Idaho. Idaho’s permit is good in just 26 states, according to the National Rifle Association (NRA). Idaho also recognizes a concealed weapon permit issued by any state in the U.S.

“Utah is very aggressive… at getting more and more states to honor their permits,” said Mike Wirth, who teaches handgun classes in Parma and Nampa with A & M Shooting Academy. Wirth is one of the more than 30 certified instructors in Idaho who can teach a half-day class required to apply for Utah’s permit.

“It’s just a way so that if people travel a lot or go on a road trip, they can legally carry their concealed firearm across state lines,” Wirth said about Utah’s permit. He said his class doesn’t include shooting a gun.

People don’t need to be a Utah resident or go to Utah to get a Utah concealed weapons permit. More than 40 states, from Alaska to Florida, have Utah-certified firearm instructors. Demand has risen for Utah’s permits during the last few years. Utah issued 246,831 valid concealed carry permits as of the end of June. That number increased almost 70,000 from June 2009. The Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI), which issues Utah’s concealed carry permits, doesn’t publish statistics of how many permits are given to people in Idaho or other states.

Source: Brad Iverson-Long for the Idaho Reporter.

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  • AngryWhiteMale

    Careful is,as careful does. Do NOT assume anything! If you are going to cross State Lines, KNOW what the law is…..you are responsible for your actions.

  • Ed DiGirolomo

    In addition, one needs to also remember that in several states that require Federal as well as State background checks as part of obtaining a permit (as well as other background considerations) like here in Texas, the CHL/CCW permit allows the National Instant Check System (NICS) to be waived for the holder. This is NOT true for residents using a non-resident/out of state CHL/CCW.

  • Ed DiGirolomo

    It needs to be said that there is a BIG difference between the Utah permit being recognized by the many states and it being VALID in a state for the holder. Several states recognize the Utah permit, but ONLY if the holder is a RESIDENT of Utah. This could get non-resident holders of Utah permits in trouble in those states. New Mexico has changed their recognition of Utah permits to not apply to residents of New Mexico BECAUSE of the lower standards that allowed non-qualified persons, according those of New Mexico, to acquire a permit. South Carolina also has restrictions on recognizing out of state permits to ONLY those who are residents of the issuing state.

    It must be also stressed that even if the permit (regardless of issuing state) is recognized in another state, the holder MUST comply with ALL the laws/restrictions of the state in which they in.

    As Elmer Fudd says, “Be vewy, vewy careful!”