Utah gun-permit bill wins final OK.

The Legislature gave final approval Monday to a bill that…

The Legislature gave final approval Monday to a bill that would require out-of-state gun owners who seek a Utah concealed-weapon permit to first obtain a permit from their home states, if available.

The Senate voted 25-0 to accept earlier House amendments to SB36 and sent it to Gov. Gary Herbert. The House changes make it clear that out-of-state residents could apply immediately for a Utah permit if their home state does not recognize Utah’s.

Sen. John Valentine, R-Orem, the bill’s sponsor, has said the Utah permit is popular because it is recognized by 33 other states — the most of any state permit — so owners can carry guns in most places nationally with that one certificate.

But he said states such as Nevada and New Mexico recently stopped recognizing Utah permits. Valentine said they worry that Utah permits do not require any measure of shooting proficiency. But he added the states appear upset that their own residents often apply only for a Utah license without also obtaining a local one.

Source: Lee Davidson for The Salt Lake Tribune.

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  • ….Nevada requires in state training as does Texas….yet Nevada dropped reciprocity w Texas (so it must not be the requirement for training). Nevada recognizes Arizona..res and non res. The issue is not simply reciprocity or training it is HOW the State competes with other States in marketing their permit. CALIFORNIA HAS 37 MILLION RESIDENTS AND ONLY 36 THOUSAND CCW PERMITS…. THE MARKETING OF NEVADA OR UTAH OR ANY OTHER STATE…LIKE FLORIDA…PERMITS TO CALIFORNIANS WILL REMAIN A SUBSTANTIAL FISCAL OPPORTUNITY FOR MANY FREEDOM LOVING STATES..