Vancouver Police chiefs worried consumer tastes trending toward ‘tacti-cool’ weapons.

The consumer tastes of Canadian gun owners are fast changing,…

The consumer tastes of Canadian gun owners are fast changing, as shooters eschew vintage hunting rifles in favour of the latest “tacti-cool” militarystyle weapons – many of which appear in movies and popular video games, such as Call of Duty.

As a new generation of young men become interested in shooting, but not hunting, retailers are trying to meet the growing demand for sleek firearms.

Canadian authorities, meanwhile, facing the repeal of the long-gun registry by the federal government, are worried about the trend.

Gun-lovers accuse them of trying to stall the sale to the public of legal military technology.

Chris Youngson, a leading Canadian firearms retailer, does a healthy business through his Vancouver-based website He says the consumer behaviour of Canadian firearms enthusiasts is clearly changing. Selling only antiquated hunting rifles and shotguns is no way to keep business afloat, he said.

“The growth industry in this country is not hunting,” he said. “Hunting is a declining activity.”

“In reality, the average customer is a young person who wants something they see in a video game,” he said. “A modern semi-automatic military rifle, or a short barrelled shotgun, or a Glock handgun or something like that. And that’s what we offer.”

Source: Jeff Davis for Vancouver Sun.

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  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    BILL CLINTON’S Phony Ban on ‘Deadly Assault Weapons ‘ has increasing interest and ownership of tactical styles weapons a hundred fold. Manufacturers have gone from a handful, to over thirty. People hoard high-cap mags by the dozen. People buy ammo by the multiple case lot. BILL CLINTON IS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO GUN OWNERSHIP IN AMERICA.

  • Jeff

    Unless their motive is to actually cause harm, I don’t think it matters why they decide to expand their interests.