Veterans’ Gun Rights Become Tough Issue In Defense Bill

Should veterans deemed too mentally incompetent to handle their own…

Should veterans deemed too mentally incompetent to handle their own financial affairs be prevented from buying a gun?

The issue, for a time last week, threatened to become the biggest sticking point in a $631 billion defense bill for reshaping a military that is disengaging from a decade of warfare.

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., sought to amend the bill to stop the Veterans Affairs Department from putting the names of veterans deemed too mentally incompetent to handle their finances into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which prohibits them from buying or owning firearms.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., objected, saying the measure would make it easier for veterans with mental illness to own a gun, endangering themselves and others.

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  • CrusaderKnight

    I can understand why the government would want to prevent veterans and current military from having personally owned firearms.First off the ( US?) government is stocking up for an internal conflict.As the globalist presidents, senators,congressmen,jurists and traitorous general staff,like General Betrayus,are working to hand over control of the US to the UN,their natural enemy will be patriots.Since all US military swear alligence to the US constituition,they cannot serve a hostile political entity.One of the new purposes of the UN is not only try to preserve world peace but to govern the world.To do that, nations must let the UN make important governing decisions.In effect the US must no longer exist.No nation will exist.The uN will be the ultimate decider of all issues.Trained warriors that all nationalists,who prefer their own nation to the UN will militarily resist the UN.These people muct not be allowed to have private access to weapons.Soldiers that remain loyal to the US can be deployed overseas.Soldiers who are willing to accept the demise of the USA and it’s constitution/bill of rights,will be deployed CONUS.The loyal troops deployed overseas can be isolated,starved of supplies and reinforcements.Some US forces loyal to globalism may even be used to betray US forces and aid enemies in defeating them.Yes,the disarming of US vets and current loyal troops would be a goal of the globalists.If the UN plans to take down,to transform the USA,as Obama said,no firearms can be in the hands of good old American GIs and Marines.