Veterans kicked out of bar because of service dogs

A confrontation at a North Side bar became violent after…

A confrontation at a North Side bar became violent after three veterans said they were asked to leave because of their service dogs.

However, managers at Rebar said Sunday that Saturday’s incident had nothing to do with the dogs.

Carrie Ann Partch, who uses a service dog for post-traumatic stress disorder, said she used her cell phone to record an incident on Saturday where she and her two veteran friends were pushed and pepper-sprayed.

“We were there a couple of hours,” said Partch. “Then, all of a sudden, it started picking up and the manager told us we had to leave.”

However, Rebar general manager Chris Rivera said they didn’t have a problem with the service dogs until the veterans started walking the little dogs inside the crowded bar.


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  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    These Drones are being paid $62k a year, plus a whole bundle of perks, as disabled Vets.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    If you need a stress dog do you really need to be in a bar LOL