Video: Anti-gun groups to rally against Starbucks’ gun policy.

Three groups - the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence,…

Three groups – the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Washington CeaseFire and the Washington State Million Mom March Chapters – are rallying in Seattle’s Victor Steinbrueck Park today to urge Starbucks to change its policy on customers with guns.

Currently, wherever the local law allows it, Starbucks’ policy also allows customers to carry guns in its stores. The company says all its outlets complies with 43 states that have open-carry weapons laws.

Not to do so, the chain said, would make the chain “require our partners to ask law abiding customers to leave our stores, putting our partners in an unfair and potentially unsafe position.” It said security measures are in place for any “threatening situation” that might occur in stores.

One customer in Seattle says it’s a good policy because of the big customer base who agree with Washington’s law on guns.
“There are probably I guess 92,000 NRA members in the state,” said Jim Beal, gun owner.

But at least 28,000 people disagree. They’ve signed a petition asking Starbucks to change its policy. The petition, organized by the Brady Campaign against Gun Violence, demanded Starbucks “offer espresso shots, not gunshots” and declare its coffeehouses “gun-free zones.”

“If you’re not wearing shoes you can’t come in, if you’re not wearing a shirt you can’t come in. You can say if you’re bringing a gun, you can’t come in,” said Paul Helmke, the Brady Campaign.

Source: KING5 News

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