Video: Bomb sniffing dogs train at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

  Bomb sniffing dogs were swarming Busch Stadium Tuesday night.…


Bomb sniffing dogs were swarming Busch Stadium Tuesday night. There was no a security threat. It was an important training mission for the dogs and their handlers before heading to Afghanistan. Ft. Leornard Wood’s Engineer K-9 Company, the 94th & 67th Engineer Detachments, the only company of its kind, came up to the ballpark for off-base training.

The company currently has members deployed in Afghanistan and has taken casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan while saving the lives of their fellow US troops.

“It teaches them a lot more than normal training does,” said Staff Sgt. Donald Pritchard. “We set up different training areas and get the dogs into a new environment and the handlers in a new environment, because if they see the same thing all the time, they kind of get used to it.”

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