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  • Kurtz

    I’ll stick with the “Bushco” “Thugs”. The commentator mentioned the obvious (that most people fail to recognize) fact that we have NOT been attacked in seven years. Thank you Bushco!!
    There are a lot of idiots who roam this earth, especialy this country, who think that if the God-Like media isn’t reporting on it, it isn’t happening or doesn’t exist. (These are the same people who take a dump when CNN and Ellen D. tell them to.)
    But take heart little ones, obviously there is more going on to protect us than meets your uneducated eyes.
    Oh- and if you don’t like “Bushco”, vote for “NOBama”, just remember to stay away from tall buildings, large cities, or other targets that the enemy will laughingly attack spring of 09.
    Good Day

  • John

    Caucasians with clean pass-ports? Why in the hell would they need a pass-port to come here anyway? The Bushco thugs let anyone walk across our borders at their whim and will. Why worry now?
    No balls leadership! Just an oligarchy.