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  • brad

    dobbs is a sensationalist scrapping hard for a good story.

    We all know that he is waay late on this issue. This really is no news to us. As a matter of fact, I personally have seen what appears to be a return in the right direction insofar as availability. I actually think we MIGHT have seen the bottom of the Ammo shortage. Who knows.


    Look I really do not mean to offend you here but you are glib and reactionary.

    I have had my fears and personally spent a significant amount of time researching this whole issue and I am no longer afraid. The bottom line is this. It is the information age. Modern gun control has seen its failures across the world. The numbers are in and they are NOT in gun controls favor. The cats out of the bag, plenty of polls show peoples opinions on the issue are coming to a unanimous center. At least here in the US.

    Ironically though I think folks like you serve a good purpose. You set the bar for “crazy talk” so when someone who is more logical on the issue does NOT sound crazy when trying to have a friendly conversation with someone on the far left.

    Personally I prefer to EDUCATE not ALIENATE those who are pro gun control.

  • circle8

    The professor or author or what ever he was is full of it. The threat is there. The attorney general, speaker of the house, leaders in both houses of congress and many democrat members have made it their stated goal to reduce or eliminate the rights of US citizens to own firearms. It is obvious this “professor guy” is a shill for them. God help those students who attend his classes. They are surely taught with a bias toward his own beliefs of being anti Second Amendment. Listen to obama’s speech carefully. obama only said he would not TAKE THEM AWAY. He can and will make ownership so restrictive that no one will be able to afford the fees etc. The bill “H R 45” is a perfect example that ownership would be impossible. The man is a narcissistic Marxist or Fascist. Someone tell me ONE MARXIST or FASCIST that allowed their citizens free ownership of firearms. In addition as we have seen with the other statements by this MARXIST he lies like a rug. Nationalization of banks, auto industry just to pay back the unions and the list goes on and on. WHY WOULD ANYONE TRUST HIM??????? He has traveled the world to tell the world we, the US, are terrible and he is subservient to many others including OUR ENEMIES. We have 11 trillion in debt thanks to him and look how many people have lost their jobs due to his acts.
    He, obama, is interested in one thing, CONTROL. He wants to CONTROL every aspect of the lives of ALL AMERICANS. He wants to CONTROL who is born, what you do for a living and then he will give you pain pills to ease into your death when his rules dictate that time has arrived. That is when HE decides you have served him long enough. Listen to his words and you will realize what I just said is true. Do not listen to the phony media. If you want to know what is going on in D.C. read the press from the UK. They do not his it like the US press. Remember the US media appointed him “the one” and their Messiah. It reminds ME of the German press in the 1930’s, how about you?