Video: Medal of Honor limited edition includes H&K MP7 and TOZ-194 and 870MC2 shotguns.

Following the E3 reveal that the PS3 limited edition of…

Following the E3 reveal that the PS3 limited edition of Medal of Honor would include a remastered version of Medal of Honor: Frontline, EA has announced additional details of the limited-edition release for PS3, Xbox, and PC. Sadly, no fake beard is included. Yet.

The “limited edition,” as it turns out, is simply the normal release with some extra free content for early adopters. Buying the limited edition (which, according to statements given to Shacknews, is a separate SKU despite the identical price) grants an exclusive gun, the MP7, and early access to two shotguns, the TOZ-194 and 870MC2, that normally require higher ranks. You can get your first look at these weapons after the break, unless you’re a real Tier 1 Operator, in which case you’ve seen them.

Source: JC Fletcher for Joystiq.

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  • JohnnyBeGood

    To Neal,
    Yes you are absolutely correct to some degree, but the generation that are fighting in the current wars were raised on these violent video games. They’re just games, that try very hard to simulate the feel of combat, but there sure isn’t anything fun about running around in full kit in real life and trying to hold your weapon steady at a target cause you’re out of breath and heart’s racing from the adrenalin. But I think that it is important that the programmers do justice to the realistic details in these games. When I was in the Infantry, my buddies and I would spend our down time playing these types of games, but you do have a point there is a huge difference between the reality and the video game.

  • Neal

    What does this have to do with tactical news? It’s this kind of stuff that makes armchair operators that think they know everything about firearms and tactics…