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    CNN, NY Times, Etc, Etc, Etc.. I invited any and all of you to attempt to buy a Full Auto anything, or Short Barreled rifle in America. I invite you to buy them with “drivers license and clean record”.. Be it gun show, shop or anywhere else. The troubling thing is not the complete lies this and other “news” outlets are shoveling, but the fact that 95% of the voting public are accepting it as truth..

  • Walter

    They first made a statement about automatic weapons in the story then said that 95 percent of the guns are coming from the US. Try and buy an automatic weapon here. The cheapest I’ve ever seen for a full-auto is $13,000 dollars and it has to registered. You aint buyin that at any gun show I’ve ever been to. Half the rifles they are showing are short-barreled rifles that are a registered item as well. I’m going on 6 months tryin to get the paperwork done. No one can go into a gun show or store and buy the weapons predominantly being used in Mexico. The NY Times is sellin snake oil and I call Bravo Sierra. 90 percent of the guns they could trace may have come from here but they could only trace 6000 weapons. There’s alot more than 6000 weapons recovered.

  • according to ATF 17% of the guns come from the US get your facts straight before trying to con the public. Maybe thats why you are going out of business.. cant wait