Video: Rhode Island school bans eight year old’s plastic army men hat.

A Coventry boy says he was banned from wearing a…

A Coventry boy says he was banned from wearing a patriotic hat he created to honor members of the armed forces because his school said it violated school policy.

David Morales, 8, says he made the camouflage hat with army men on top as a school project. The hat was more than just a fashion statement: It was meant to honor military members.

When Morales wore the hat to classes, he said, Tiogue School officials told him that it violated their no-tolerance policy that prohibits students from bringing drugs or weapons to school.

The Morales family was told David could no longer wear the hat, but they disagreed with the decision. Officials say despite the hat’s purpose to honor soldiers, it violates their policy because the toy army men are holding guns.

Now the family is turning the incident into a positive learning experience. While they say they disagree with the school’s decision to ban the hat, they will respectfully obey it.

Source: Kathryn Sotni for WPRI

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  • jose

    wow.. here is political correctness at work, brought to you be the leftist democratic party for the USSA.

  • Mitchell Walker

    Tell the Cretans to get rid of the racist school logo.

  • william

    TELL ME THIS IS A BAD DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!