Video shows threat to your freedom: Eric Holder’s lies are destroying freedom and costing lives.

A letter from the NRA-ILA: Crimes were committed in the…

A letter from the NRA-ILA:

Crimes were committed in the name of advancing an anti-gun agenda.

The longer these crimes go unanswered… the longer Attorney General Eric Holder stonewalls Congress… the greater the threat to our freedom.

Please watch the video I’ve attached for you. Holder’s actions prove he can’t be trusted with the sanctity of our freedoms, the powers of his office, or the lives of our law enforcement officers.

Help me send a message to President Obama. It’s time to fire Eric Holder. Please make a donation of $10, $15, $20 or more to help us broadcast this video across America. And please, help spread the word and forward this video to friends and fellow gun owners.

Thank you.

Chris W. Cox
Executive Director

Source: NRA ILA

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  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    Regardless of who is culpable in this, Bust, Obama or Holder, everyone in the ATF that even had knowledge of it, has violated his oath.

    The ATF has been a rogue agency from the Get Go.

    Time to imprison the guilty in that organization and it’s time to disband it.

    The thousands of ridiculous regulations they have imposed on law abiding gun owners have the weight of Law. Law that was never voted on by our elected representatives.

  • General Jim M

    Is it too late for the F.B.I to run background checks on Holder and the Obama “Tsars” and his ‘cabinet?Hey,F.B.I,just for the fun of it,run those background checks….just as a joke.