Video: Tampa police officer rides his horse through nightclub district.

A Tampa Police officer was caught on tape walking his…

A Tampa Police officer was caught on tape walking his horse through a crowded Ybor City bar, and the police chief said she approves of it.

The 37 second video was posted on YouTube and shows a mounted police officer walking his horse through Habibi’s Hookah Bar on 7th Avenue. A woman is heard screaming in surprise as the horse rounds a corner into her path.

Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor said, “It’s good public relations.” However, one business owner complained about the practice.

Phat Katz Tattoo shares a walkway with the covered tobacco cafe. Owner Christiene Henry says the horse has walked through her shop as well. “To just come through, I think that’s a safety hazard for everyone,” said Henry. “The officers, the horse, as well as the people that are on the property, because it can get pretty busy out here at night.”

Source: Don Germaise for ABC Action News.

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