Video: “Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World.”

The video's author attributes the Sig 550's ubiquity in Swiss…

The video’s author attributes the Sig 550’s ubiquity in Swiss households to the generally safe realm that is Switzerland.

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  • morgansjc

    William and Walter,
    I have a bumper sticker that says “I’m pro choice, too”, and has the silhouettes of 7 different autoloading rifles under the wording. I knew I was going to take flak for being so lacking in compassion, understanding, and my lack of PC. I have not been disappointed in my expectations. The good news is the “damn straights!” I’m getting too. I have hope that common sense will eventually replace PC, and that like the Swiss, our government will eventually come to it’s senses.

  • morgansjc

    How can this be? Criminals don’t want to invade armed households where you will be shot dead? We all know guns cause crime, not criminals, right? Yet here we have a heavily armed citizenry that has the lowest crime rate in the world. So what’s missing? Gangs. They don’t have the gangs that cause 80% of the violence in the U.S. We don’t have gun problem. We have a gang problem. And if the government can’t tell the difference between Crips, SJC3, and the Shriners, and which is a gang and which a civic group, we have elected some true knotheads into office. We ought to fix that.

  • william

    I want to live there-the goverment supply arm & ammo

  • Walter

    Wow! A European talking sensibly. Amazing.